How uXprice works

Tracking the prices for 5 thousand, 10 thousand or 100 thousand goods for a company is laborious and time-consuming. Remember the times — endless tables with price comparisons and the dynamics of growth or decline. And all this is done by a person — have you imagined (or remembered) how much time and money you need?

Everything can be automated today! A loud statement — right?

Although not everything, but forecasting the prices of goods and the growth of competitors — you can confidently provide this to the multifunctional analytical service uXprice.

How uXprice works — how competitors’ prices are tracked

Setting up your own account and automatically collecting the most valuable data to build a grid of products is easy and you don’t need a programmer.

What functionality will be available in the uXprice service cabinet:

  • prices for the specified goods relative to all competitors — you will know the price is too high or too low;
  • the service will also give its own price advice after analyzing competitors’ products, taking into account your pricing strategy;
  • the dynamics of changes in prices for competitors’ goods;
  • setting up notifications in case of new competitors for selected products;
  • forecast of your position from the price of the product relative to competitors.
  • In many price monitoring services, in most cases, it is possible to track the prices of a limited number of competitors — from 3 to 5. In the uXprice service, it is possible to monitor the prices of all competitors in the market.

What analytical price data does the uXprice price monitoring service provide:

  • your price position relative to competitors;
  • average market value;
  • the rate of the mouth of the rate for your goods is relatively small;
  • what is the highest and average cost on the market.

Setting up the service is very simple — to do this, you need to register and add a Google Shopping feed to the service. Among other things, for those who have little of this opportunity — there is an API integration of the service with your site.

Pros of the uXprice service for tracking product prices and monitoring all competitors

The powerful analytical service uXprice will make it possible to make fast and accurate management decisions in one service. Graphs and diagrams, automatically built according to the specified parameters, will show in which direction you should adjust your pricing policy, and as a result, increase profits with a minimum of time.

Important advantages of uXprice:

  • forecasting the prices of goods of all admissible competitors;
  • no programmer’s participation is required — only the Google Shopping feed is required;
  • the automated system will detect a new competitor when it arises and propose to adjust its own prices up or down;
  • keeping track of all products in the store, not just those for which your purchasing manager had enough time.

These are just important advantages — go to the service website and see for yourself. Free yourself time to think about solutions for the biggest profit.

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