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YouTube channel advantage
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09.02.2020 20:58

Today we will analyze the question: “Which format is better or more profitable to choose for a blog, create a text site, or is it easier to create a YouTube channel”, I myself was also interested in understanding this issue earlier and understanding in which direction to move.

And it seemed to me that the video content from YouTube is much more interesting and better understood by the person, more understandable .. is it really so, now we’ll figure it out, so if you are interested in pay for youtube view, please contact us.

Let’s take a look at the Site, and think about the advantages of textual information compared to the YouTube channel:

  • In order to have a site, you must first create and configure it. For a person who has never done this, it will be quite difficult to make a site and without a step-by-step instruction, you just won’t figure it out. Therefore, this is an obstacle and difficulty for beginners who decide to create their own text blog. Therefore, the disadvantages of the site include the complexity of its creation.
  • As for the creation of its content, in my opinion it is much easier to write a quality article than to shoot a high-quality video. Because to create high-quality video, good equipment is already needed, you also need to spend time to remove it, and you also need time and knowledge to make a good installation. At the same time, writing an article is easy to delegate, and shooting a video is much more difficult. Therefore, the advantages of the site, I will attribute a simpler content creation.
  • If we talk about financial costs, then already at the first stage of creating the site you need money, they will be needed to pay for hosting and domain. This is approximately 1700 rubles per year. If you write articles yourself, then you will practically not need money anymore, unless you buy eternal links, but you don’t need to buy a lot, so the amount will not be large. Therefore, the advantages of the site include the ability to create it with small financial investments.
  • As for website promotion, in order to promote it, quite a lot of time must pass, at least half a year, or even a year, since it takes 3-5 months for an article to get into the top of the search, so get visitors from search engines in the first months, for a young site it’s practically not realistic. Therefore, the slowdown is related to the disadvantages of the site.
  • Another advantage of the site is a large number of monetization methods. Unlike the YouTube channel, you can post on your site any number of links to affiliate programs and to your own products, no one limits you to this. it’s much more difficult to do on the video, and not everyone enters the description under the video.
  • The main advantage of the site, in comparison with the YouTube channel, is security from the ban. If you do not engage in illegal activities on your site, do not sell prohibited products, then no one will block your site. As for the YouTube channel, some rules may change, one of your viewers may complain and your channel may be blocked without your knowledge and warning at any time, and all your efforts put into the channel will be in vain.

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